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todayJune 25, 2021

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They use digital tools and software to ensure accurate and organized financial records, making it convenient for businesses to access their financial information from anywhere. Every aspect of a business can have an impact on and can be affected by the business’s financial performance. Business owners know that staying on top of their finances is crucial in keeping a profitable and long-lasting business venture.

A proficient accounting virtual assistant should have a strong background in accounting principles, knowledge of relevant software (e.g., QuickBooks, Xero), and excellent attention to detail. Communication skills are also crucial as they may need to interact with your team or clients. One of the best platforms to find and hire freelance virtual assistants for bookkeeping tasks is PeoplePerHour.

  • Data entry is one menial but necessary task that you want off your plate.
  • The Virtual Assistants are proficient with Google, Microsoft, and other popular suits.
  • This allows businesses to easily adjust their bookkeeping services according to their changing financial needs.
  • This helps to facilitate communication between the business and the virtual bookkeeper, making it easier for you to manage your finances.
  • A bookkeeping expert can create and archive these records for you so they are available for examination and use.

Professional outsourcing firms implement stringent quality control measures to minimize the risk of errors and fraud. This can include regular audits, internal checks, and the use of advanced software to ensure accuracy in financial records. By outsourcing, businesses can enhance the integrity of their financial data. Look for virtual assistants with accounting expertise on reputable platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, or specialized virtual assistant services. Consider asking for recommendations from business networks or utilizing professional organizations related to accounting.

What really sets Time etc apart from other virtual assistant bookkeeping service-providing companies is its commitment to providing its clients with the best possible service. With virtual bookkeepers from Time etc, you can rest assured that your accounting tasks will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. These virtual bookkeeping assistants are apt at using cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero. This provides real-time access to financial data and facilitates collaboration between the business owner and the virtual bookkeeper.


Saving time is great, but keep in mind that a virtual bookkeeping assistant will have unique skills that you may not have yourself. A virtual legal assistant can be an asset to a legal practice by offering flexible assistance, increased productivity and other valuable support, enabling attorneys to focus on core work. Whatever expectations you have of your virtual legal assistant should be set from the beginning, even before they are hired. This can not only help avoid miscommunication but also disappointment on either side. Having an online bookkeeper assistant can be a massive help for entrepreneurs in taking care of their finances. A career as a virtual accounting assistant can be rewarding, offering flexibility and the opportunity to serve a wide range of clients while maintaining work-life balance.

  • But hiring a virtual bookkeeping service can ensure that you’re paying only for the work you need.
  • These virtual assistants are proficient in using Quickbooks, Quicken, Freshbooks, and other relevant accounting software.
  • A virtual assistant is a remote worker who supplies administrative support to individuals, groups or businesses.
  • Zirtual has been in the virtual assistant bookkeeping services for a while now and we know a thing or two about what it takes to keep a business’s finances in order.
  • However, when you run a business, you’ll hardly have the time to look after the finances.

Schedule virtual interviews to discuss the candidate’s background, skills, and their approach to handling various accounting tasks. Use this opportunity to assess their communication skills and determine if they align with your business culture. At the same time taking care of finances and accounts of the company is also important. Considering an Accounting Virtual Assistant for businesses gives you added advantage over hiring additional staff. Based on your requirement Ossisto provides Accounting Virtual Assistant for all your business needs. One extra 0 or a misplaced decimal point can set off a domino effect of wrong computations.

Why do you need a virtual assistant bookkeeping service?

At times, it can function more like an executive assistant or project manager. Here’s what to know about the role and how you can land a job as a virtual assistant. They manage your business finance, remind you to pay bills, in accounting, what is the difference between a liability account and an expense account help you calculate tax, and manage money. That’s why you should consider handing over your finances to a virtual bookkeeper. However, when you run a business, you’ll hardly have the time to look after the finances.

Do you possess strong organizational, communication, time management and other sought-after skills for the role? Part of what makes this job attractive is that it’s easy to transfer skills from other jobs. But if you’re not fully qualified for the position, taking online courses or trainings can get you up to speed. Finance Pal is an accounting firm helping small businesses by providing almost every virtual bookkeeping service. Yes, an accountant can also work as a virtual assistant, providing accounting services remotely.

Where to find virtual assistant jobs

Not only it saves you time and money, but it will also make your business transactions smooth. By outsourcing non-core functions like accounting and bookkeeping, businesses can redirect their focus and resources towards core competencies. This enables them to concentrate on strategic initiatives, product development, and customer service, leading to enhanced competitiveness in the market.

Virtual Assistants You Should Hire to Grow Your Business

You have nothing to worry about should authorities or third-party organizations demand a copy of your company’s financial data. The average base pay for virtual assistants is $18.68 per hour, according to data from Indeed, a job search engine. A virtual assistant is a remote worker who supplies administrative support to individuals, groups or businesses. Virtual assistants are often contractors or freelancers with flexible schedules, although many work part-time or full-time for employers. Hiring a virtual bookkeeping assistant is an excellent option for all sorts of firms, especially for small and medium businesses.

This means you’ll have to inform them in advance and book a slot when you need their virtual bookkeeping service. Just like how you have more than one customer, virtual bookkeeping assistants might have multiple clients. By spending a lot of time handling finances, you won’t have time to focus on growing your business — which can cost a lot of money in the long run. Conventionally, a business hires an accountant solely to manage finances and perform bookkeeping tasks — a luxury most small scale businesses can’t afford. Start by creating a list of qualities you seek in a virtual assistant. When your clientele is smaller, you can follow up with your customers personally.

The rule is to never make personal purchases from a business account. If you will follow this principle, there will be no irregularities in the accounts. Assistant Virtual Accounting will keep trails of all business purchases. In addition, the VA helped Sarah identify areas where she could save money, such as renegotiating contracts with suppliers and reducing unnecessary expenses. As a result of hiring the Accounting VA, Sarah was able to focus on growing her business and doubling her sales. Just keep in mind that the rate you pay will determine how experienced the accounting VA is.

Looking to build a remote team?

The rest of the time is spent on useless things like social media, gossip, smoke breaks, eating, and reading the news. Unless you are ready to micromanage, there is no way to ensure that your workers are entirely productive. Accounting Virtual Assistants may collaborate with in-house teams, clients, or other professionals to obtain necessary information and ensure accurate financial records. One notable development is the emergence of virtual assistants tailored to specific professions, such as the Accounting Virtual Assistant.

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