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No Ordinary Woman Chat Show, founded in 2016 by Carole McWhinney aka Caz Mac, aims to inspire the lives of others by sharing positive stories about real life role models. Caz has battled with depression and anxiety for most of her adult life and after finding herself in a low place following her graduation from university, she turned to her faith for direction and was given a vision to create an online platform to inspire others. Initially starting out by focusing on stories of amazing women, NOW Chat Show was born.
Caz met Janelle Raeburn by chance at an event in 2016 and the pair hit it off straight away. They discovered a mutual respect for each other’s creativity and talent as presenters, and struck up a friendship that would continue to blossom. Both had successfully produced and presented live shows and events, and both shared a passion for giving back to the community through their work.
As the chat show began to grow, Caz received feedback from men asking for their stories to be told too. Caz took the feedback on board and decided to recruit a co-host to expand the show’s direction. Casting her mind back to the ‘chance meeting’ she had with Janelle, Caz realised that this encounter was actually divinely ordained and that Janelle was the co-host she was looking for. Janelle came on board as Caz’s co-host in 2018 and their on screen chemistry was instant. Since then the show has gone from strength to strength, reaching viewers all across the globe, and has featured an array of guests including the likes of entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den winner Levi Roots.

Our Vision

In line with our motto, ‘A Platform to Inspire’, our objective is to inspire others and give back to the community by shining a light on individuals and organisations doing amazing things. We aspire to become the UK’s leading online chat show, offering content that supports and encourages people in their everyday lives.

Our Values

S – Serve our community
T – Tell honest stories
A – Altogether communities are the heart to what we do
R – Respect all opinions equally


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