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Former Journalist for Amor Magazine UK, In December 2012, Charley launched a career in radio following encouragement and support from a dear friend who was an accomplished DJ. Her passion and enthusiasm for radio, presenting and providing a platform of opportunity for others grew which led to her being chosen to host events including the Business Launchpad Awards sponsored by Natwest.

Charley is the founder of ‘AMPLIFIED VOICE!’ which is a raw, unedited, diary style podcast available on Spotify and Podbean. She also presents the much loved IGTV Live chat show, ‘AMPLIFIED!’, which is a lighthearted, informative, and fun show where guests are given a safe, supportive space to be heard!

Charley is also an advocate for positive young leaders and has mentored many aspiring talents across the media industry. She is known to bring flare, tenacity, and passion for the local community with insightful, entertaining content both on and off-line!

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