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Organic Beats

SUNDAY 2:00PM - 3:00PM EST

Brazilian girl by birth, Tibetian Buddhist by religion, and world citizen by choice, her music is not always the same. Sometimes jazzier, sometimes more electronic, it changes according to her own moment. However, it is always stepping forward and assembling our thoughts, souls… and moving hips!
Organic Beats it’s not about music, its about connection. About dreams. About emotions.

DJ Suirá has played all over Brazil for many years, and also works as an agent and manager for several artists, helping them make their dreams come true on the stage. Suirá defines herself as an art curator. Picking out the best musicians for festivals, choosing carefully the best songs and vibes for her DJ work, and also by selecting the most provocatives visual artworks for events and editorials. Suirá keeps an artistic website and Instagram account where she discusses art and emotions, at the same time she shares independent visual artists around the globe.

In her newest challenge, Suirá moves into Toronto to discover herself and her art once more. Let’s be connected

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