Gina P

Gina P, is a Toronto-based independent vocal artist and live entertainment
producer, and also a strategic management advisor with over 23 years in the
federal public service. Driven by her love for Black music and the community
from which it originates, she became a founding board member for Canadian
Black Entertainment (CBE) a non-profit established in 2018 to support,
celebrate and promote Canadian Black artists and Black music in Canada.
Gina’s musical context comes from her immersion in Black music; growing up
on Detroit radio and influenced by her family’s great taste. Since relocating to
Toronto in 2010, she has been singing professionally in the R&B, Neo-soul
and jazz live music scenes.

She released her first two singles as an
independent R&B Soul artist in 2021 with more to come.
Gina co-owns Orange Moon Entertainment created in 2016 with artist Lisa
Michelle, and has produced and performed several successful live tribute
shows. The pandemic inspired adapting to virtual performances and led to the
conception and launch of their custom vocal greeting video service

Gina is also one of the hosts of “IG Live with CBE”, a live interview show on
Instagram which profiles Canadian Black artists every week to raise fan
awareness and to enable higher profile artists to share their personal insights.
Guests range from emerging artists to legends in the industry; recruited from
her personal network and from broader outreach to other areas in Canada.
As an artist and in her role as board member, Gina applies her expertise in
relationship and network building through integrity, inclusion, respect and
collaboration; innovation and creativity; communications; strategic planning
and management.
Gina is excited and honoured by the opportunity to contribute to iLive.

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