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Ivy Talks... A new podcast based out of Miami, FL with the objective to connect with artists and creatives worldwide.

We aim to interview local and foreign upcoming performing artists, graphic/visual artists and cover music events, major concerts, art and music industry conferences.

Impacting the culture in a monumental way, we also intend on discussing current events and whats happening within "the culture".

Encompassing an old school MTV/BET vibe by covering the scene of music in all aspects.

Host and curator, Draya Ivy has a background in Public Relations, Marketing and is also a creative. Poet/songwriter, Draya Ivy has worked with artists within the US and in Europe.

The vision for Ivy Talks is to grow a podcast that can put South Florida on the map in the world of podcasting, while still having a heavy emphasis on music and music business worldwide.

Ivy Talks will be home for artists to connect, network, cross promote and enjoy the beauty that is good music, good energy and great exchange of knowledge.

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Join Draya Ivy Every Monday 10:00pm - Midnight GMT on Ivy Talks via iLive UK.

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