Five Easy Tips for Raising Multicultural Kids

todayMarch 24, 2023

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The article concludes by pointing to social policy implications as well as future directions prompted by a cultural approach to parenting. And defer to their parents, and to honor their elders in almost all situations.

  • She has a strong Indian and Italian support network from the ex-pat communities in Finland.
  • We expose our kids to all the different cultures they come from, including the place they live.
  • They need to know deep down, in the core of their being, that people are just people, regardless of the color of their skin or origin of their birth.
  • When different parenting cognitions or practices serve different functions in different settings, it is evidence for cultural specificity.
  • Failure to remove staff members who are widely viewed to be racist or ineffective, according to Bryk and Schneider , quickly leads to low levels of trust in the school and its leadership.

White parents maybe don’t think to have these conversations because it’s not an issue for them and their family. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk with Elizabeth Dobson, the author and voice behind Family Remixed.com; a blog she created to educate and empower a growing demographic of interracial and adoptive families. Liz is a biracial woman adopted into an all-white family who shares her story to help and inspire others. Liz built a career in marketing in New York city, is a Tedx speaker as well meet Asian women as the winner of season seven of BYUtv’s Relative Race alongside her husband Devin. I am always interested in why people move, why they move to and from Nordic countries.

I’m a family language coach

Even after ten years as an educator immersed in multicultural contexts, I had no idea how to instill this value in my child. I think that if our students in more developed countries knew what a privilege free education is, they would value school more. There were more challenges when Sheldon and I first started our relationship and when we were newlyweds. Introducing him to my family was a stressful experience, even more so than the wedding. Luckily, grandmother loved him and my dad was cracking jokes with him by the end of the night.

Evid. Based Child Health A Cochrane Rev. J.

Children who are multicultural will create positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people. It also will provide them better opportunities in government, military, technology, education and medicine. There have been numerous times that my son’s teachers ask me to help them with other ethnically diverse students. My husband has been asked to provide cultural and language lessons to soldiers before deployments overseas.

Another gem of a cultural center is the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle. NAAM offers creative, interactive youth workshops designed to discuss race and diversity. The museum also has a youth curator program, which inspires the young members of our community to get involved early. Once a month, get the family involved in an immersion experience at home. Incorporate music, expand your culinary horizons and explore cultural fables.

A family in which both of the parents have children from previous marriages. A blended family is an excellent place to observe symbolic interaction theory. Sam has been made vulnerable to mental issues owning to some major events during her childhood including separation of her parents. Amato and Keith revealed that the children of broken families are at higher risk of developing mental health issues such as aggression, anxiety, depression and criminal behaviour.

Enhanced Creativity and Problem-solving Skills

We decided to go with direct communication and reading, no TV,” Takako says. Parents answering questions about the importance of school involvement, how to be involved in your child’s education, wishes, barriers, and tips. To advocate effectively for your child , and make good decisions about your child’s education, you need to have important information from the school. School records, such as test scores, report cards, or behavior reports, all contain information for making educational decisions. Keeping track of school paperwork is an important part of parent involvement.

Children usually learn from parents, and they may think it is fine to talk to someone they do not know. Jennifer Katzinger is the program coordinator at the Northwest Language and Cultural Center. She is inspired by the opportunity to promote peace and understanding by discovering and sharing various cultural values, languages and experiences.

Bornstein MH, Cote LR, Venuti P. Parenting beliefs and behaviors in northern and southern groups of Italian mothers of young infants. Other methodological questions threaten the validity of cultural comparisons (Matsumoto & van de Vijver, 2011). For example, it matters who is doing the study, their culture, their assumptions in asking certain questions, and so forth. Whether collaborators and scientists are “on the ground” in the culture and undertake adequate preliminary study to generate meaningful questions are also pertinent.

There is so much you can learn this way — history, geography, art, languages, cooking — what an awesome way to connect our kids to the world around them. Since when I became a mother, I’ve kept wondering how will our multicultural family influence our children’s cultural identity.Adopting our son from Indiahas added a new layer to this. What actions can I take as a parent to help them navigate through their identity building journey? I am blessed with many friends from other countries and cultures, and some of them were so kind to share their story with me for my new blog series “Growing up in a multicultural family“. Dr. Ferguson points out that children from multicultural backgrounds often experience feelings of alienation. However, parents can counter this by embracing intersectionality as an identity and recognizing that their children are culturally plural. “Embrace that child represents all cultures that make up their household and that they belong in each of those cultures as firmly as someone who is not multiracial,” she says.

A multicultural child knows how to react to diversity and does not shy away from differences. That was when I knew that I couldn’t just passively raise my child and hope he’d learn to love diversity through osmosis. Then, at the ripe age of three, my son started asking questions about the color of his skin, our home language of choice and other differences that surround us. Instead of embracing diversity, he was confused and slightly appalled by it.

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