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Those businesses which have grown under SALSA can now transition to the new scheme, the BRCGS Start! There are consultancy services available in the industry that will help you get all aspects of your business up to the standard needed to gain BRCGS certification. Indeed, the BRCGS offer training courses designed to help you understand what the standard requires, which could be a good starting point if you want to gain this certification.

  1. The certification requires annual renewal, so you must be willing to commit to continual development of your food safety system, and arrange a new audit before the certification expires.
  2. These requirements are designed to ensure businesses have a robust food safety and quality management system.
  3. Furthermore, sections of the Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 require evidence of staff training.
  4. However, many food manufacturers don’t need to have this level of certification.
  5. Gaining certification through BRC audits means and will prove that the business is operating according to a recognized international standard for food safety.

The auditor will inspect some production equipment and observe cleaning practices to determine if they are consistent with documented procedures. They may request that the equipment be disassembled so they can observe more closely and possibly ask for swab results. The auditor may review your standard operating procedures (SOPs), processes, and other policy documents during a desk audit or during the site audit.

BRC Food Safety: How It Affects the FIBC Industry

The BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety was the first standard to meet the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmark, which means it’s accepted by many of the world’s biggest retailers, such as Tesco and Walmart. Achieving the certification ensures your customers have confidence in your products. 1 – Senior management commitment and continual improvementYour senior managers must commit to implementing and continually improving your organisation’s food safety processes. Now in its 9th edition, the standard has constantly evolved to protect the consumer.

Food Safety Culture Maturity Assessment Tool

Food safety training and education are great ways to protect your customers and your brand, and the BRC Global Standard (BRCGS) is one of the best references to consult. However, it’s essential to conduct research and consult with industry experts to establish relevant and actionable KPIs for your specific objective. These considerations can be complex, varying by jurisdiction and industry.

Review Documented Processes

This part of the process establishes and provides maintenance for safe process controls, weight/volume control and equipment calibration and ensures the documented HACCP plan is put into practice. This section lays out the standards intended for staff training, protective attire and personal hygiene. Issue 8 of the BRC standards now requires routine inspections with all their products, maintaining a balanced quality and checking for any noticeable imperfections. Establishing and maintaining safe process controls, weight/volume control, and equipment calibration ensure the documented HACCP plan is put into practice. Product design and development processes assure that safe and legal products are produced. This course is for management, HACCP team members, and anyone who wants to understand the requirements of…

Leading the way in food safety

BRC certification can also help you meet the requirements of regulatory bodies in different countries. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes BRC Global Standards market crash coming as a benchmark for food safety, and certification can help you comply with US regulations. BRC certification can also help you expand your business by giving you access to new markets.

The latest version of BRC, issue 9, emphasizes the importance of creating a culture of safety and striving for continuous improvement. The BRC has recently released the latest version of their auditing code, Issue 9, and audits in accordance with it began on February 1st, 2023. Gaining certification through BRC audits means and will prove that the business is operating according to a recognized international standard for food safety. Being certified will also be advantageous for businesses, as it can make partnerships more likely with other businesses that recognize or even require BRC certification.

You will need to run a gap analysis on your business and create your team to deliver the standards required. Once you are happy your site can meet and maintain the BRCGS requirements (you can test this by carrying out internal audits), you are ready to choose a suitable certification body who will then come and audit the site. However, many food manufacturers don’t need to have this level of certification.

They will compare written records with the relevant sections of the Standard against which you are being audited. A BRC site audit will typically include a product changeover so the auditor can evaluate if personnel follow documented procedures to adequately clean equipment, change PPE, and follow any other required processes. A BRC audit involves many steps that encompass your entire production process, but preparing ahead of time will help you know what to expect and be ready for a successful audit. The BRCGS platform contains rigorous and detailed requirements, but they are made easy for you to understand.

What’s in the latest version of the Global Standard for Food Safety?

Exporters can also submit e-BRCs with integrated GST or Input Tax Credit (ITC) refund applications to support their claims of export transactions. DGFT receives shipping bill information electronically through the EDI ports. With the integration of banks, DGFT receives foreign currency realisation details which can be connected to all shipping bills.

Many retailers and food service organizations require their suppliers to be BRC certified, and certification can be a prerequisite for doing business with these companies. In today’s digital age, brand reputation is more important than ever. Consumers are increasingly aware of the products and companies they buy from. BRC certification can help you build customer trust by demonstrating your commitment to safety, quality, and legality.

When the exporters receive payments, they should submit all shipping bills with the banks. They banks will cancel the items receorded in the EDPMS and issue an e-BRC against the shipping bill payments. Get in touch with our food sector team with any questions, and inquire about booking your next audit or training course. This section of BRC establishes expectations for the production environment. Keeping up with building and equipment maintenance, cleaning, pest control and waste management.

The auditor will evaluate your production processes to identify whether they comply with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). They will focus on all areas of your organization that are pertinent to the BRC Global Standard, such as manufacturing, storage, production equipment, and site safety. While it can be stressful, preparing your team beforehand with a pre-assessment audit will help ensure your organization is ready to meet the requirements for a successful audit. The process of earning a food safety certificate and getting the benefits of BRCGS certification is a straightforward one. However, you need to find a BRCGS registered Certification Body to successfully perform a BRC audit and earn your certification. By following this requirement diligently, businesses have the potential to reduce the number of recalls caused by the use of incorrect labels or even the placement of products in the wrong packaging.

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