Howard Simms

Well where do i start…Been doing podcasting for a about year plus and really and really enjoy it. originally I was part of another team before EIP Lounge called the Urban Suite which had 5 members with an idea of talking about everyday discussion with a hint a musical vibe almost a Canadian version of 106 and Park, but unfortunately he venture was put to a halt because of COVID and the group disbanded which was understandable. I went through a lot that year losing love ones, and not happy with my work and myself but I still was determine to finish what started hence the birth of EIP lounge. When we I was introduce to Jason and Tanis to iLive family I felt a sense of purpose. Imagine a company like iLive wanted to take a chance on us, and to be part of the board was icing on the cake for me. My professional experience might not be detailed, but know that you can count on me. And as part of the Board of Directors I would like to help re-introduce iLive to community, by planning upcoming events and community outreach.

My Hope is to help iLive Toronto to be a staple in our city by “Changing The Way You Listen To Radio”

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