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Tune into Arosọ [Ar-Oh-So] on the first Saturday of the month from 10 pm to Midnight. Arosọ – Vanglorious Sounds program is based on sounds of the diaspora creating legendary movements from around the world. Afrobeat, Afrohouse and Bashment are just a few of the sounds curated to give you that upbeat bounce before heading out for the night.

Kush Nubia aka Nubio is the host of Arosọ. Arosọ is a Yoruba word meaning Legendary. This show focuses on Music, Djs and Artists

1. worthy of, or bringing fame or admiration above any and all other.
synonyms: illustrious, celebrated, famous, acclaimed, distinguished, honoured;

2. having content that is striking in beauty or splendour that evokes feelings of delighted admiration like no other across the spectrum. 

This show always makes sure to showcase works from Toronto and surrounding areas.  For radio play please submit music at

Arosọ crew

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