S.U.M’ing It Up

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S.U.M’ing It Up with hosts Mz Meech & Amanda discuss music industry standards, tips and tricks specific to BIPOC, LGBTQ and other diasporas that don’t see industry representation.
There is a new conversation on the table when it comes to who benefits, who knows what and who gets to sit at the table within Canada’s music industry. Statistics show that there are genres within Canada that are highly represented and supported while others have been left out but times are changing and so is who’s listening. We think it’s time to invite the “unsupported” music to the party (pun intended). In fact, we can’t imagine the world without genres like reggae, calypso, k-pop and zydeco, or without instruments like the tassa or the ukulele. Representation is a key component when it comes to learning and believing that you can achieve. We want to become the voices that make a difference for those artists who are trying to be heard.

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