Soul Expressions

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Soul Expressions does exactly what the name infers – expressing music of the soul. From stylish and sophisticated to intensely political, soul connoisseur DJ Sessions takes you on a soul-defining ride with his collection of classics, rare groove, modern R&B and soulful house.

Sundays 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST/TORONTO



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DJ Sessions

Welcome to the world of DJ Sessions,  rare groove revivalist, vinyl junkie and the founder of iLive,  the internet radio station that's kicking up digital dust in Toronto. The London, U.K. native and 30 year music veteran hopes to bring a bird's eye view of what's driving Toronto's underground music scene. Applying lessons learned from his days as a DJ with Choice FM, the U.K.'s first-ever licensed Black music radio station, and as the front man for DJ collective Strictly Bizness, Sessions is challenging us to rethink the way we listen to radio.

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