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Sober living

Do Amphetamines Damage the Brain and Can It Be Reversed?

Your child’s plan should include close monitoring of your child’s behavior and making adjustments along the way as necessary. Studies have shown they’re effective for about 80% of children with the condition. But you may be worried about the side effects of the medication or want to avoid taking them for another reason. Many people supplement an extended-release medication taken in the morning with an immediate-release dose taken in the […]

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Sober living

Building a Supportive Sober Network for Lasting Recovery

Anyone who’s entered a drug treatment program well knows how structured and organized these program environments can be. Treatment program environments no doubt mandate and support continued abstinence. Once a person completes drug treatment, all of these supports fall away leaving addicts to contend with the real world on their own. Even people who readily extend themselves to support your recovery post-rehab may require considerable sober network properties time and […]

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Sober living

Examples of Powerlessness In Sobriety List Ambrosia Behavioral Health

Addiction treatment centers discuss the concept of powerlessness in therapy to help people recover. Powerlessness is often mistaken for weakness, but this is actually a step of strength. You may view alcoholism as a weakness of your character or will, but this view may hinder your ability to accept you have an alcohol use disorder. Your alcohol addiction is a physical compulsion beyond your control—a progressive illness that defies common […]

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Sober living

Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Cancer? Learn About the Risks Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Alcohol also weakens our immune system, increasing our risk of infections. It can also have a depressive effect on our mood by upsetting the delicate balance of neurotransmitters in our brain. If you have other medical conditions, ask your doctor if you should follow a special wet brain: what is wernicke-korsakoff syndrome diet or take any dietary supplements. If you take one of the DMTs, you’ll need to adhere to […]

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Sober living

Comorbid post-traumatic stress disorder in alcohol use disorder: relationships to demography, drinking and neuroimmune profile Full Text

The grouping of symptoms that follow experience with uncontrollable trauma is called “ learned helplessness effects” (Seligman 1975). As described above, animals that experience uncontrollable trauma learn that their responses are of no consequence, leaving them helpless to cope with a traumatic situation. Soldiers with PTSD who experienced at least one symptom of AUD may be disinhibited in a way that leads them to make risky decisions, including the potential […]

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Sober living

Recovery Why Are Sugar Cravings Common in Addiction Recovery?

Recovering alcoholics often crave sugar as part of their recovery. There are a few reasons why recovering alcoholics may have an intense craving for sugar. Many of these tips are the same tips for a healthy lifestyle in general, but that makes sense. If you’re healthy overall, you’ll reduce cravings because your body is working properly. One reason cravings happen is because of an imbalance in your body chemistry. Eating […]

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Sober living

Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use

While alcohol can provide temporary relief, it ultimately makes those negative feelings worse, and can create a cycle of binge drinking. Therapy is an incredibly effective tool for both changing your relationship with alcohol, addressing co-occuring mental health conditions, and learning to tolerate uncomfortable emotions without drinking. Setting achievable goals is a great way to practice accountability and create lasting change. Another study in 84 women found that pairing cognitive […]

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Sober living

How to Get Someone Into Rehab: A Complete Guide Oasis Recovery Center

Many people drop out of treatment and relapse (start using drugs or alcohol again). In less severe cases, the way to help a loved one get help is to make them realize they have a problem. It is estimated that, in 2020 alone, over 20 million people needed drug rehab programs for addiction and drug use; a small fraction – only 13% – actually received it. It’s likely that many […]

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Sober living

Alcohol Detox at Home: Risks & Timeline How to Detox From Alcohol at Home

Antioxidants help protect against free radicals that are created as a result of environmental toxins. Whether you’re trying to drop unwanted pounds or flush out unwelcome toxins, you need a healthy liver to make it happen. The digestive system moves food and anything else you swallow (like snot, which intercepts germs!) through your stomach and small intestine, where it’s absorbed into your bloodstream. For some people, the pain is so […]

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